Lindisfarne Sailing club welcomes members of all ages.  Below are the categories of membership we offer.

Senior Sailing Member

Sailors aged 18 years and older.  Senior members may vote at club meetings (Annual General Meeting, any special general meetings) and are eligible to hold club Committee positions.

Annual fee: $230

Senior sailing member (full time student <25)

Same as senior membership, but only available to full time students aged over 18 and under 25 years.

Annual fee: $165

Junior Member

Sailors under 18 years of age. Junior members cannot vote at club meetings and cannot hold committee positions.

Annual fee: $115

Family Membership

Family membership aims to encourage whole family involvement with the club, even if parents are non-sailors.  Family membership provides a cheaper membership option than taking out individual memberships. It covers one or two parents and their dependent children who are either (i) under 18 years old or (ii) full-time students up to age 25 years. Both parents, and full-time dependent students over 18, have the same voting rights and committee eligibility as senior members.

Annual fee: $335

Crew/Social Member

Non-sailing members, or sailors who wish to participate as keelboat crew only. This membership category ensures members are covered by Australian Sailing insurance at club events, thereby allowing them to undertake club on-water activities (e.g. rescue boat operation, crew on a keelboat).

Crew/social members are ineligible to vote at club meetings and cannot hold club Committee positions.

Annual fee: $115


Interested in membership?

We’d love to hear from you! Please either contact us directly at or complete one of our membership application forms below.  We will contact you once we receive your completed form.

Application for senior sailing, senior sailing (full time student <25) and crew/social membership

Application for junior membership

Application for family membership



              Race Entry Fees

              Full Season $120

              Full season – second or subsequent person in a family membership $40

              Casual Race Entry $15

              Boat Hire

              Day sail – Member $20

              Day sail - Non-member $30

              Boat storage

              Boat Storage under 3m - Tenders/Firebugs/etc. – per year $130.00

              Boat Storage over 3m - Sabres/Herons/ etc. – per year   $185.00

              Key Deposit

              For a key to front gate and dinghy storage sheds (refundable upon key return): $25

              Mooring hire

              Boat Mooring – per month $110.00