Lindisfarne is home to a steady fleet of Sabres, we also currently have 4 club owned boats which are available for hire. Want to give it a go? Simply get in touch with us via to arrange a test sail!

CLICK HERE to view the Sabre Association website


The Heron is a two person dinghy that is sailed in all states of Australia.  The Heron was designed in the early 1950s by Jack Holt in the UK.  The class was introduced to Australia in the late 1950s and has flourished in its new home.

The Heron offers safe entry level sailing for novices but also provides an ongoing challenge for experienced sailors who are seeking to optimise performance. The Heron has a long and proud history of family involvement.  Many of the past class national championships have been won by parent/child crew combinations. A number of sailors who crewed in the Heron in the past have returned to the class with their own children to share the family sailing experience.

Lindisfarne Sailing Club has a long and rich history with the class. Herons have been sailed in Tasmania at Lindisfarne Sailing Club for over 50 years.

Read more about the class on the Tasmanian Heron Assocation site here


A wind of change is what the O’Pen BIC has brought to the world of skiff sailing for kids.

“The O’pen BIC Is A Fantastic Boat For Young Sailors To Experience The Joy Of Sailing. It Is Fast, Exciting And Fun To Sail Yet Simple To Rig And Maintain. Many Of The Skills Learnt In The Bic Will Be Easily Transferred To Other Boats As Sailors Evolve And Progress Onto Other Forms Of Sailing.” Sir Russell Coutts

For more information on the O'Pen BIC Class head to the Australian O'Pen BIC Sailing page here


Optimists are designed for kids. These small craft are perfect for beginners and Lindisfarne has a healthy fleet of boats which are primarily used for the club Tackers program and learn to sail. 

For more information on the Optimist Class head to the Australian Optimist Association page here


The Flying Eleven is an exciting, high performance, light weight racing dinghy, competitively sailed by 2 people of a preferable combined crew weight between 75 and 115kgs. Ages generally range from 10 to 18yrs but there is no restriction to parental or senior participation. Designed in Australia for Aussie conditions, the F11 is a one design class with strictly enforced hull, sail and rig measurements. Currently raced in NSW, Tasmania and Western Australia, they are also sailed in Victoria, Queensland and there are a few boats in New Zealand. It is an excellent follow-on boat for Sabots, Manly Juniors and many other junior classes. The class is very strong around Australia, and is an outstanding class of boat for developing 3 sail handling by young sailors rising from single sail and the more junior classes.

For more information head to the AustralianFlying 11 Association Page here.


The Pacer is a 3.8m one design sloop rigged family dinghy, complete with spinnaker. The Pacer is the ideal performance family yacht, it has a lightweight hull, capable of high planing speed. Its wide beam and not excessive amount of sail allows this performance to be had by husband/wife or parent/child. It is safe and stable.

Lindisfarne has a fleet of six Pacer Class boats available for use my members and for casual hire. Please get in touch for more information or drop in and see us!

For more information on the Pacer Class head to the Australian Pacer Association page here


The FireBug is a 2.4 metre sailing dinghy - it is a small junior friendly sailboat at just 8 feet long. LSC has hosted two state championships and most recently the Hobart/Sydney Firebug Challenge where the club welcomed over 15 Firebugs in the water.

Firebug Class websites can be found here: &