LSC Committee 2018 -19

  • Commodore: John Mills
  • Vice Commodore: John Lawrie 
  • Rear Commodore:  Adam Glover
  • Principle Race Officer: Dugald McDougall  
  • Treasurer: Ming Shan
  • Sail training Coordinator: Oliver Burnell
  • Secretary: Dave Watson
  • Sailing Secretary:  Vacant
  • General Committee: Brian Moroney, Tom Males, Calvin Kuo
  • Cleaning: Adam Glover
  • Maintenance & Civil Works Coordinator: Vacant
  • Rescue/Club Boats Manager: Vacant
  • Discrimination & Harrassment: Vacant
  • First Aid: Vacant
  • Honorary Solicitor: Steven Knight
  • Honorary Auditor: Michael Watts
  • Media: Emily Fish

The committee of Lindisfarne Sailing Club consists of the following positions
  • Commodore – Is responsible to the members for the running of the club and its leadership, chairing of all meetings of the General Committee, annual general meeting and special meetings. The Commodore is an ex officio member of all committees of the club.
  • Vice Commodore – is responsible to the Commodore and the general committee for the organisation of sailing activities, training and operation of the rescue boats.  
  • Rear Commodore – Is responsible to the Commodore and General Committee for the organisation of social and fundraising activities conducted on behalf of the club. The Rear Commodore is also responsible for the operation of the canteen. 
  • Secretary – is responsible for the normal clerical activities of the club and is normally the nominated Club Public Officer. The Secretary is responsible for the maintenance of the Club membership records and assistant to the Sailing Secretary for maintaining a yacht register. 
  • Treasurer – is responsible to the Commodore and the General Committee for compliance with the constitution for all financial transactions and audit requirements on behalf of the club. 
  • Sailing Secretary – is responsible for maintaining a register of yachts registered with the club, recoriding race results, pennany points and trophy winners, The sailing secretary is responsible for ensuring that race entrants comply with financial membership requirements for boat registration and membership. 
  • Committee Members (up to 10) – act as representatives of the membership at large and provide advice and support to the Officers in the management of the club.